Featured Poet – Abby Gray

Hello everyone,

Today we have the wonderful @beautifully-mixed with us for a brief interview and a featured poem on the theme of “First Snow” that she had submitted.

Also, Abby provides an honest review service on her Wattpad account. So, for anyone interested to get some feedback on the first 3 chapters of their story/book, send in a request.

Now then, shall we get cracking with the interview?

Q1. I always wondered this, what makes you write poetry?

Abby: I have a hard time expressing my feelings so, when I was 10 year old, I started to write. I loved writing, but I remember that I was not good at it. That is when I started first writing poetry. It was so different to what I had been accustomed to and I loved it. As I got older, it became a part of my everyday life.

May: We all start somewhere, and it seems that as long as you have the passion to write, you can bring life to anything and anyone in our works.

Q2. Can you share any of your secrets with the readers in regard to how you add emotion to your works?

Abby: When it comes to how I add things to my poems, I am unsure I usually take things that are not real and make them into something real. Like chains or death. I can make anything have feeling. It is just the way you write it.

May: Sounds kind of romantic when you put it like that.

Q3. Do you have a favourite poet or poem?

Abby: I do not really have a favorite poet unless you count Farah (@_city_of_angels_). I love her poems a lot. She is so amazing with her poetry and that makes me smile.  As far as poems, I really love all poems as long as they come from the heart.

May: I’m new to poetry. It is something I do on a rare occassion but I find poets to be fascinating. They can describe anything in a beautiful way with few words. It takes skill to do that.

Q4. Mars or Snickers?

Abby: I love Snickers.

May: I have to agree with you there. I’m a Snickers kind of gal, too :P.

Q5. Are there any current projects you would like the readers to know about?

Abby: I have several projects that I am working on. Two poetry books up that I need to update, and I am always looking to improve my skills. I am not perfect when it comes to writing but I write from the heart, and that is something that a lot of people miss when it comes to my poetry.

Most people want simplicity when it comes to poetry, but I, as a writer, cannot do that. So, in the end, my projects are overlooked. But, I do hope one day to have them noticed. If not, it is truly okay.

May: I’m sure there are people out that that love and respect your work as much as I do. So, just keep honing those writing skills and don’t look back.

And finally, here’s the poem on the theme of “First Snow” by @beautifully-mixed:

She fell down from the heavens above. Her  snow white dress covered the Earth.

 His chill was what caused a scene, he wanted his life, he wanted his queen.

Everything he touched that day turned to frost.

 He searched the earth, day and night, freezing everything in sight.

 She lays where she had fell tears of white glisten on her cheek.

 She just wanted to know: where was her king?

He found her in the pillow of white.

 His lips touched her, the fire ignites.

They melt into the earth that day, reclaiming the love that they still had,

 Knowing they would see each other again.


Find her on Facebook, Twitter or Wattpad.

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