Featured Writer – Farah Loqman

Hello everyone,

Last post of the day is here. It is the poetry submission by @_city_of_angels_ who is a friendly, lovely, and fun Wattpad poet. Do check out her poetry. Although she is not English native, her poetry buzzes with emotion and flow.

Here’s her submission on the theme: First snow.

I believe she’s written it based on the characters: Lucious and Helena from “Helena Hawthorn” series that I’m writing. And, that made me really happy. Thank you, Farah!


Poem by @_city_of_angels

You see, he spent many years alone.

Never believed in love, never got a family,

A child to look after, or a wife to love and protect.

One year, he met his saviour. She gave him new life,

A second chance. But, with a dead heart,

He was cold and soulless.

They called him a monster. But, oh well…He was grateful.

At least a monster with a family to belong to.

They took that from him – took his last breath.

Can you see now? They made him a real monster…The Ripper

Drowned in rage, seeking revenge,

Looking for answers, needing someone to tell him why…

Why he cannot have a normal life? Why he isn’t allowed to enjoy summer days?

His sky was filled with clouds, raining heavily, never seeming to come to stop.

You call him a monster when you made him become one.

He was different? So what! Aren’t we all?

He got tired of it all, of trying to explain to people…

So be it. You wanted a monster, he will give you one.

And, just when he was about to give up,

The Sun of Summer shone bright outside his shields. This time, not burning him,

Giving him the warmth he sought, giving him a reason to open his eyes – to open his heart once again.

Your monster is her saviour. Her protector. Her one and only.

She accepted him. She saw what you couldn’t see.

She found the beauty in his eyes, wondered behind the darkness,

Waited to see the rainbow with him after the endless rain.

She is his summer in the cold nights of winter.

She is his winter in the unbearable summer days,

Always with him in the fall.

The only flower he wants in spring.

The Monster you made found his soulmate.


Once again, I wanted to thank Farah for her beautiful submission. I didn’t expect it to be about my two favourite characters. Well then, if you want to check out more of her work, click on this Wattpad link @_city_of_angels_ .

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