Interview with C J Laurence

Hi everyone,
You may be wondering why all of a sudden I have decided to do an interview.Well, it is because there are a few people I would like to share with you. My first victim…I mean guest, is CJ Laurence. She is a Vampire/Paranormal writer on Wattpad, a good friend of mine, and a supporter of mental health awareness.

So, let’s get started…

Q1. What made you want to write?


In all honesty, I actually can’t pinpoint a single thing. It’s more an accumulation of things over the years. I remember writing a horror story for an assignment in English when I was in year 10. My teacher was horrified by what she read but also praised me saying I’d make a fantastic writer one day. I also did poetry at primary school which managed to get published in a book along with an invitation to Washington DC. I’ve always had an active imagination and had various differing things floating around my mind. It was June 2014 when I started to put my ideas down on paper and it’s been a snowball effect ever since!


Wow, I wish my English teacher praised me once. Then again, I was still learning the language at the time and couldn’t string two grammatically correct sentences together

Q2. Do your stories have a theme? If so, would you mind sharing it with the world?


Most of my stories are paranormal based. My main theme throughout them all is the basis of energy. This thought came from my father and something he said to me one day. He was a great lover of Native American Indians and all things that way inclined. He said to me that he thought one day, we would all just be balls of energy – a bright blue, pulsating ball that can shift into any shape we want. It was this which started off my theme and theories of the world…I shall say no more…you will have to indulge in my book, Three, to get your teeth into that theory a little more 😉


I’m sure that got the reader’s attention nonetheless. It is an interesting theory. I love pondering different ways to create the universe in my mind. It is simply amazing that we – writers – are all so very diverse.

Q3. Because I enjoy games and silly things, let’s get hypothetical. Imagine you were stranded on an island with one of your characters. Who would you pick and why?


Oooo! Good question! Now I’m spoilt for choice! My initial instinct would be Azazel, from ‘Sex, Lies and Demon Ties’. He’s fun, he’s hot and he has the power of magick at his disposal, however, he likes a bit of blood as we like a bit of chocolate so that may be a little deadly…

I would have to say Alexander, from my story, ‘Three’. He’s gorgeous, funny, romantic and a werewolf who doesn’t turn rabid or need blood to survive. He has access to this world and the next so finding a way out would be no problem!


Both men sound pretty enticing. I’m sure everyone can agree on that.

Q4. For me, writing takes away the stress I build up. What does writing do for you?


Writing helps empty my mind. I suffer with mental health issues and emptying my dark thoughts or focusing on my themes of the world really help calm that darkness inside me. I would be in a padded cell by now without it!


I fear many of us will end up there without writing as an outlet.

Q5. Outside of the literary world of books, writing, and crying over editing, what do you like to do?


Horses and riding have been in my life since I was 5 so they’re a massive part of me. I had to have my beloved mare put to sleep in March 2014 and I’m still so heartbroken. I haven’t been near another horse since, although I am planning on going back riding in the New Year. Cars are also a big part of my life. I am a self-confessed ‘girl racer’ and a petrolhead!


*Laughs* I tend to ride buses because I’m scared to drive. I think I might end up as one of those poor sods with road rage.

Q6. What advice would you give to the aspiring writers out there?


Don’t give up! If you’re worried about people’s reactions, write under a pen name (like me lol). If you truly want this and are in love with the reality of writing, not the potential it has, then don’t give up! People aren’t going to believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself!


That’s a pretty solid advice. Without the support of my friends and readers, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I’m so glad we agree on this.

Q7. This is one of the questions that people hate during interviews. I know. I’ve been there. So, where do you see your writing career in five years?


Hahahaha. I hate that question. Ok, ideally? I’ll be bigger than E L James or Stephanie Meyer. Realistically? I would like to be published (either self or traditionally) with two or three books and getting my stories out there into the world!


Fingers crossed for your career, Claire. I’m sure you’ll achieve a lot in the future and your stories will reach many readers across the world.

Q8. We all go through different experiences in life and they help us develop our craft and believability of the worlds we create. Is there such an experience(s) that you have used in your work?


Most of my stories have some very dark experiences in them and this is drawn from my own moments of bleakness. The majority of my stories feature a MC without a father as I lost my own dad in 2007. To use my own feelings of wrath, despair and utter frustration of this is definitely helpful when attempting to paint a picture for the reader.


Events as painful as that can truly help you paint a realistic scene. I would not wish a painful past on anyone though.

I have to say that you are a good role model, Claire. You keep your head up and are a very strong person and a mother. I’m sure your characters reflect your strength and honesty.

Q9. One of my characters was asked during his interview with the readers. I think we can all relate to this one: Coke or Pepsi?


*Erupts into laughter* Pepsi all day long!


We must be soulmates. Every time I say ‘Pepsi’, people just look at me funny.

Q10. Are there any current projects you would like to mention or talk about?


Um, I am doing a rewrite of my biggest depiction of our universe in my book ‘Three’. I am super excited to be rewriting this now. I have found my groove as a writer. Out of all my works, this is the one I want to go places. It is centred heavily around my father’s theories on the world so I guess it is more sentimental than anything.

I am also attempting a romance novel, ‘Heartbreak Holiday’, to prove to myself I can write happy things *laughs*. I am also writing a YA novel focusing around a young girl, an age-gap romance and her late father’s stables which she has taken charge of. Whilst the supernatural fascinates me, I do like to test myself by venturing down other avenues!


I think we have talked about the romance in the stables. I can’t wait to read it. I’m sure there will be a lot of *clears throat* holding hands.

For any of you wondering, here’s a summary for “Three”:

Life, when you think about it, has three main parts; birth, life and death. Some believe after death you are rewarded with a glorious afterlife, meeting your loved ones once again before reincarnating and starting the cycle all over again. Others believe that death is simply it. No more, that’s it. Nothing.
Meet Rhea. Rhea is approaching thirty and little does she realise her entire life is about to be tipped upside down. Everything she has ever wondered about from supernatural creatures and legends to the inner workings of heaven and hell will be revealed to her in the days leading up to her thirtieth birthday.
Once she hits the grand age of thirty, Rhea develops her own magickal handful of powers which to understand, she has to go on a journey of self discovery to truly contemplate the situation she is in.
Once she then understands herself, Rhea has to make some important decisions regarding those who have wronged her, what she wants from her own life and what is right by the rest of the world and humanity as we know it.
The problem is for Rhea, she is a creation of someone else’s wants. He needs her powers and furthermore, her offspring, to complete his grand design plan. On top of this, Rhea has to juggle two soul mates, estranged parents and a whole world of every creature, myth and legend possible. What will she do and more so, how will her circle of life complete?
This is a twisty tale combining the paranormal, ancient mythology and dashes of religion all underpinned with conspiracy theories. Are you ready to be swept up in the whirlwind of this magickal universe?
Welcome to my explanation of how the world is how it is…
This concludes the interview with C J Laurence. You can find her on Wattpad under @CJLaurence or by clicking on any of the links. Don’t forget to check out her books if you’re a fan of Fantasy/Paranormal/Romance/Thrillers. She keeps you flipping through those pages, so bring some snacks.
Follow her on Twitter, FB or check out her website.


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