So, as I sit here, I realised that one of my hobbies that helps me relieve stress or to simply something to lose myself in is: K-dramas.

Well, I do love J-dramas and Taiwanese dramas too, so I guess any drama as long as it can keep me entertained for the duration.

Here are some suggestions to those who are looking for some good dramas to watch, so let’s begin with Romance:

1. Master’s Sun


Sun_of_the_Lord-posterThis drama made me feel like a woman on PMS. I was either laughing or crying from the events. I re-watched it again a few months down the line and, oddly enough, it had the same effect. Got to love great actors and lovable characters.


Several years ago, Kong-Sil  was involved in an accident. Since then, she was able to see and hear ghosts. She’s terrified of them but they appear constantly around her. Because of this, she’s unable to live a normal life. Kong-Sil lives in a rooftop room at an extended stay inn. She makes a living by doing odd jobs at the inn, including cleaning.

Meanwhile Joong-Won is the president of an extravagant shopping mall named ‘Kingdom’. He is also arrogant and calculative. Everything relates to him in terms of money.

One raining evening, Kong-Sil meets Joong-Won and from then on she proves to him that ghosts exist. While he can’t see them, he is her only reprieve, because when she touches him, all the spirits dissapear.

So, if you want something spooky and romantic at the same time, try Master’s sun.


2. Kill me, Heal me

KillMeHealMe-PosterI have no idea how one actor could pull off 7 personalities. It is a well executed drama that kept me wondering how the  relationship between the male lead and the female psychiatrist will evolve – and it did not dissapoint. I loved every last bit of it and suggest this as another drama for mystery lovers.


It’s a love story between the son from a wealthy family who had multiple-personality disorder and a 1st year female student who becomes his secret psychologist.

3. Hyde, Jekyll, Me

hyun-bin-han-ji-min_1421124657_af_orgJust like ‘Kill me, Heal me’, this drama is about the multiple-personality disorder but on a slightly reduced scale (he only had one other personality hiding inside). I just loved the tension and the romance as it evolved between the two characters. Yes, I did cry, as was the case with both stories listed above. And no, I don’t cry for every drama, only the best ones. So, if you liked the two above, you will certainly love this story.


Koo Seo-Jin has two different personalities. One of his personalities is cold like Hyde and the other is sweet like Jekyll. He works as the director of theme park Wonderland. The female lead, Jang Ha-Na works as the master of a circus at Wonderland. Koo Seo-Jin tries to kick the circus out of Wonderland and Jang Ha-Na reorganizes the circus to stay. And… romance ensues…
These three should start you off and welcome you with open arms into the world of K-dramas. Bring some popcorn and loads of tissues, you’ll need them.

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