Q&A with Alexander

How are you?? :’) We miss you so much but hopefully we will meet later (heart). I’m sure our lovely May won’t set us apart (shsh she loves you too xD)

Good day, I am rather well as long as money is being made. You may ignore the other woman while you are with me and come visit me at the Russian Roulette. I am certain we can find some entertainment for you.

If you could get a chance to change the things that happened in your past would you take it?

I can’t do that, can I? Although, I must admit, I have thought about this over the years. The doubts, the pain, they never go away. Yet, the past should remain as it is. There is no need to open up old wounds that will only bring more pain to others.

Alexander, are you a workaholic? Or you need to work just to disturb yourself and make yourself busy so you won’t think about you know other stuffs that still hurt you?

Yes, and I take pride in that. And what ‘stuff’ are you referring to? I am perfectly content with my life. I have a busy life, money, women, and most importantly, sex. What else is there to have?

Are you willing to fall in love again? Will you want to? If you find the right one…

I can tell you are a romantic. Women like that do not succeed in business. Because Tanya just punched me in the shoulder, I believe I will stop that trail of thought.

To answer the question: am I willing? No. I do not have the time for it. Looking at how foolish I was when I was first sired and seeing Lucious’ situation, I cannot imagine that I would ever want to be. Will I want to be if I find the right one? How do you know she is the right one? If you are asking me if I would want my heart torn out once more, no, I would not.

What’s your favourite memory?

My favourite memory would be being so drunk I cannot remember the past.

If Katharine gets back, will you give her a second chance?

As for Katharine coming back, that’s impossible. She is long dead.

Why do people think you are a womanizer? ? I seriously don’t think so! You are a good person and yes maybe a bit flirty but it makes you who you are.

Who calls me a womanizer?

Your favourite quote?

“Keep your friends close and enemies closer.”

Hello, Alexander. How are you? Lol, so my question is that…Do you trust Helena?

I am well. If I don’t get some alcohol in me soon, I fear I may die a second death. And, no, I do not trust that woman, whatever she is. I believe it would be easier to snap her neck and forget she ever existed.

Alexander – what are your thoughts on the world now compared to when you were born? Do you wish things were like they were or are you glad to be alive in this day and age?

I believe there is more freedom today than there ever was before in the 19th century. Even though, fundamentally, the world’s core does not change. Everyone has secrets and if you know them and know how to use them then you will make money no matter the century.

What do you think of ‘The Dark Days’ ahead?

Is that a movie?

Do you miss anyone from your past, like before you were turned? Do you ever regret being a vampire?

I don’t enjoy talking about the times when I was human. The only people I miss are my parents. They did not deserve the life they got. And no, I do not regret becoming what I am. Max gave me plenty of opportunities by giving me this new life.

Alexander, I have to say you always seem like you’re constantly angry at the world for something. Dare I ask what that may be?!

Lack of time for sex.

Whom do you care about most other than money?

The wicked beast I call my childe, Tanya.

Correction: The lovely, beautiful, extravagant, ambitious, adventurousfdgkjfkj

I apologise, my childe is eager to participate in my interview by the looks of it.

What do you think about Lucious?

He’s a good friend that has gone astray because of the idiotic belief he’s in love with a madwoman.

Madwoman? Really?

You obviously have not met her. What person in their right mind leaves two dead hunters in her home only to invite more of them to collect them?

Did you ever regret ever helping Lucious?

No, I did not regret helping my friend. Lucious is one of the few people I would trust with my life in this world. He would certainly do the same for me.

Have you ever thought about your human life?

Human life is not something I have anymore, so what is the use of thinking about it?

Do you even like Helena?

I believe the question regarding Miss Hawthorn is a common one today. No. I dislike her. If it wasn’t for Lucious, she’d be dead already.

Are you jealous of her getting attention?

Am I jealous? No, I am not. I am simply looking out for an old friend. He shouldn’t have to suffer in the same way I did.

Alexander, what is it like to be a vampire? It’s weird to admit but if I had to choose to become either a werewolf or vampire I would go with vampire.

You cannot become a werewolf. You must be born with the wolf blood in you. I, personally, would not enjoy running around the woods bare-assed and covered in fur. Where is the appeal? But, being a vampire is not all fun and games. My friend, Lucious, underwent a descent recently. It changed him. I am certain of that. Yet another reason to hate little Miss Hawthorn.

Well, being a vampire would be amazing. I bet you have seen so much of the world and culture and art that would be amazing.

I did not spend my years looking at art. It doesn’t have any use other than monetary and I have plenty of that. The culture, yes. As the years go by, people were given more rights, more “freedom” – I say this term loosely -, and land.

Humans do not see just how restricted they became by society and its laws. They brand themselves with foolish terms or ‘labels’ without seeing the real reason as to why those labels exist.

Alexander, you seem like a great guy from what I’ve read but during the books you seem to not really trust Helena that much, I just want to know why is she a problem to you?

I cannot stand the girl. She continues to bring bad luck and death everywhere she takes a step. Wouldn’t you see that as something to avoid? If we were to think about this matter further, Zafira’s vision must not be forgotten. She will be the cause of my best-friend’s death. Do you still believe that there is something there to like?

You seem like you need to take a break and I can give it to you 😉

I must admit, I do like people that state their intentions right away. It saves time and money. Regarding that break, I believe I have a few hours to spare on Friday night…8th of January. I like white. Wear something revealing. We can discuss the rest outside of this preposterous questioning.

With Helena being around, how does he feel about Lucious and Helena’s connection?

I feel that it will get them both killed sooner rather than later.

Will it affect you future as friends in a good or bad way? In other words, how do you currently look at the future?

I do not believe that a human woman can come between us. We will remain friends and, fundamentally, it is Lucious’ choice as to whom he beds. Even though I may dislike his chances with that danger-magnet at his side, I can only state the facts and it is up to him to see his recklessness.

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