Q&A with Lucious Ellwood

Did you ever need rehab for bloodthirst and maybe alcohol?

For alcohol, the simple answer is no. Certainly I enjoy a good drink upon occasion but I no longer allow it to rule me as I had done when I was human. As for the thirst, I must inform you that there are no rehabilitation centres where vampires get better. We either succumb to the descent, and are wiped out by the Council, or do our best to recover from it. Many fail. I do not wish to be part of the group that could not fight the thirst. I cannot let those around me down.

Are you using Helena-I know you are but I want to hear you say it?

My relationship with her may have started off that way, yes, but I do not seek to use her any longer. She is in enough danger as it is, and my adding to it would only risk both of our lives.

What was your relationship like with Anna?

I hold Anna in very high regard. She never chided like a mother would, only pointed us in the right direction, telling us to do better next time. Anna remains one of the wisest women I have come to know but I still cannot pinpoint what century she was born in.

Although we are close in the matters of the heart, she withholds a lot from me about her past. Therefore, I can only say that our relationship remained unchanged.

She is my sire and I am her childe. Nothing more and nothing less.

During your human life, have you fell in love with someone?

There was no need for such trivialities. I did not seek out the comfort of another heart. I am still baffled by the fact that my unfeeling organ chose the woman I least expected to worm her way in.

I know you are jealous of Andrew sometimes, but is there a chance that you two will get along like normal Master and childe?

I do not know the answer to that as only time will tell when it comes to friendships. Alexander and Tanya had chemistry from the beginning. They bonded over their broken hearts while I and my childe remain at odds because of Helena.

If we met elsewhere or in another time, perhaps things would be different…

How do you describe your relationship with Alexander?

If I ever had to walk on a tightrope over a fire pit with my eyes blindfolded, he would be the only man I would trust to guide me across.

What was your first impression about Helena?

Innocence comes to mind. She is not a strong woman, does not dress into fanciful dresses that Alexander’s women would wear, her childish ideals are different to my own, yet I find myself drawn to her purity and simplicity. She does not look for hidden agendas at every turn and, because of that, sees this dark world differently.

I know it’s impossible for vampires to have kids, but I just wanna know xD what would you like to name him/her?

I have never thought of that. Once you come to terms with the fact you cannot see your offspring, you try to avoid the subject entirely.

If I was to entertain the idea, I would call my son Alexander. I do not think there would be a more fitting name for a young man. If I had daughters then Karin and Moira would be the names. My blood-sisters may not have been the most caring people in the world but Anna still loved them dearly.

Don’t you miss Tanya?

In what respect? As a person, she is a talented woman that gets things done. If you mean as a friend, we rarely talk about personal matters. She does seem to enjoy flaunting her affection toward me but we know that a relationship between us would never work.

Would you rather like to be with your brothers and sisters with Anna (and back to your old life) than being with Helena?

No. Ever since Anna came back into my life, I have stopped wishing for the past to return. As years go by, we paint a different picture with our minds. Memories we once found unpleasant, we begin to see with through a rose-tinted glass.

To be honest, I do not believe I had felt any happiness until I held Helena in my arms and a strange sense of peace and belonging washed over me.

Coke or Pepsi???

I do not drink soft drinks.

If you got a chance, how will you kill that Bitchy Eliza?? (Please kill her with your best skill, if you really got one!)

I would be very careful if I were you. Eliza is not one to allow others to mock her power and will certainly eliminate any threats to her position in the Council. Heed my warning, young lady, it would be best not to conspire about such matters.

If we were to speak theoretically, I am no match for her. She is at least three millennia older than I and her main ability remains hidden from the rest of the vampire population. I can only fear what she has in store for those who stand against her.

Is Helena’s blood even more tasty then that of Vampires??

I have to admit that it is. For some reason, I find myself drawn to her blood even when I have had my fill. It is a struggle to keep myself in check when I am close to her which is why I will do everything in my power to not take another drop. It is too dangerous.

The thing which amuses you most about Helena?

I have to admit, I have struggled answering this question. I can think of things that make me smile, like the way she bites her lip when she is nervous or how she pretends she doesn’t enjoy it when I hold her in my arms even though her body betrays her thoughts.

Other than that, it would be her expressive face which I am beginning to miss. As the days go by, I see it becoming hardened by the events. She hides more and more of her feelings behind the smile she is perfecting. It hurts my soul to see her hiding her pain, but while I can still see it on her face, I will comfort her.

What do you prefer first? Kissing or Hugging?

If this was a question directed at my friend, Alexander, he would say something along the lines of “Fucking”. For me, I think holding the person brings more peace to the soul than trying to devour their mouth.

What do you think of the Soul-Bond?? Do you want it to break?

I do not know what to think of it. It has its uses as a tracking device for when I need to find Helena and, at the same time, it is dangerous. We do not live in a peaceful world anymore. I fear that this bond has too many unknowns attached with it. Knowing that makes me realise just how much danger Helena is in and I do not wish to make her suffer anymore.

Do you know more about Lazarus then what you reveal so far?

I have not had the displeasure to get to know the demon. We merely had a single encounter when he broke through my shields when I was at my weakest. I will not permit another to get the best of me again.

I haven’t started the second part of yours and Helena story yet. Will be more romance to look forward to?

I do not know what to say. We are not together right now. I long to see her but cannot stop running from the hunters. Romance is not something I think of all day long. Our lives have too much danger entangled in them for such trivialities.
If the day comes when I can see her without having to worry about keeping her and Anna safe, then I will perhaps endeavour to pursue an idea of a romantic date. I am certain Alexander will give me a few pointers.

How did you and Alexander meet?

If I remember correctly, it was early autumn of 1892. I had finished questioning a hunter, a vulgar pest that spread rumours of killing a powerful vampire in the outskirts of the city. Thinking that I had finally managed to find the guilty party for Anna’s death, I tracked him down only to find a snotty piece of an overblown ego.

It did not take long for him to give up the location of his group’s hideout in the East London.

I distinctly remember the stench of piss and factory smog that hung in the air that dawn. As I observed my targets, I took note of their secret knock and proceeded to go in. I expected to find hunters, yes, but amidst them all was a vampire tied to a chair with evident signs of torture on display all over his body.

Too consumed with my vengeance, I silenced the hunters quickly and perhaps took a silver bullet in the shoulder; I can no longer recall.

Since that eventful morning, I owed Alexander my life.

Luscious Lucious do you know what and/or who is sharing Helena’s body?

What do you mean she is sharing a body? Is it a demon? Is it dangerous?

Oh I know. Do you plan to make an honest woman of Helena?

Marriage is not something I never thought about. It is too early for us to decide on such matters especially since we have not even established our relationship or whether we will pursue it further.

Lucious do you plan to tell Helena about your little blood lust issue?

Only if this matter becomes relevant… She has other things to worry about.

Boxers or briefs?

I swear humans have strange questions…I rarely bother with underwear, my dear. So, I believe you have your answer there.

What jobs have you done over however long you’ve lived?

Am I to include my human years? Since it is an honest question, I shall answer it fully. I have spent too much of my time loitering around as a damned fool who drank himself into misery after serving my term in the Queen Victoria’s cavalry. I assume you do not care for the gory details, so I will tell you that I have been turned on 29th of February of 1880. I believe my original day of birth was the 20th of October, 1853 – a day my parents placed too many hopes and dreams onto my shoulders that I cared not for.

I am getting off topic, my apologies. I have earned my keep over the years by gathering intelligence for Phil, a certain informant in London, for a time. His blasted cat shed all over my trousers every time I had a delivery to make. He calls her his ‘Princess’ – do not ask me why. Only advise for you would be to try not to step on its tail if you ever get involved with him. After a while, Alexander began asking me to help him seek out certain people – a task I did not mind doing for a few decades. He paid handsomely and I kept my earnings in a bank. I dislike spending money on frivolous things and he appears to be more than happy to provide whatever I require out of old friendship we have developed over the century.

What’s your zodiac, and do you know your Saints Zodiac?

The internet has informed me that I am a Libra.

Saint’s zodiac? I do not even know the age of that creature, let alone her birthday. She is not a being I like to affiliate with. If not for Helena’s incessant need to attempt a friendship with her, I would throttle the wench and move on.

What’s your favourite thing about Helena?

My favourite thing about Helena… do not tell her this as she will throw a tantrum. I think it is her fire. When I see her spirit shining through that weak human shell, it makes me want to tease her and, at other times, I simply wish to hold her.

What’s your favourite thing about Alexander and your childe Andrew?

What I like about Alexander? He’s a loyal friend who was there for me more than I deserve. I do not understand his actions or reasoning at times but he has good instincts when it comes to people and business. As for my childe, I cannot stand the youngling. His concern for what’s mine makes me want to order him to die of thirst in some dark dungeon, yet I cannot do so because Helena would never forgive me.

A/N: I want to thank all of the readers that have participated in this event and hope to see everyone next week with Helena Hawthorn.

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