Sex, Lies & Demon Ties Review


Ever had an amazing one night stand with a gorgeous guy whom you never see or hear from again? Ever wondered what their name was if you didn’t catch it or what they do for a living? Ever wondered if they still think about that mad, intense passion you shared for that one fabulous night of raw lust?

Imagine this: Your crazy, hot, wild sex with the devilishly handsome man was so fantastic and mysterious because he is a demon. A hot as hell, damn fine specimen that lives in Hell and has a boss called Lucifer. He is allowed to walk the earth for three months of the year and spends his time indulging wholly in the female species.

Azazel and Balthazar are as opposite as black and white. They are brothers born from a time long ago and resigned to an undefined amount of time in Hell as repentance for their ghastly sins when they walked the earth as humans. True love may break their curse and allow them to rise above ground once again but the woman must love them for their sins and all.

When Kyla Marshall stumbles across the two brothers by a freak accident, she finds herself whipped up in a frenzied whirlwind of lust, hate, lies and depravity but something keeps her from being able to forget the two brothers. Can she save one of them from their own dark soul and their cruel boss allowing them to feel love once more or will they both fall back to the fiery pits from whence they came?


First of all, I have to say this: Claire, you weave a very different tale to anything I have read to date. I love how your mind works, so keep writing. This is a book that’s worth reading.

So, let’s start from the beginning. Two sexy demon brothers, Balthazar and Azazel, come to Earth for three months every year to find a woman for them, or simply to cause trouble. And that sounds lovely, intriguing, attention grabbing already.

Moving on… Our female MC is a feisty, fiery, cheeky girl named Kyla. Just like any story, they meet and it all goes south. You were expecting it to go well? God, no. This story has a lot of dark elements tied into it and so much interesting lore that you keep on wanting more. Religious folk, be warned, if you can’t look openly on this story, you may want to walk away.

Personally, I would classify it as Dark Fantasy rather than just Fantasy. You need to have a taste for the mixture of horror/romance/erotica/thriller genres to be able to keep up with the winding plot twists that keep you on your toes and the engrossing description. No, do not eat during this story. Some stories need popcorn. This story may make you want to cry into a pillow and call your mommy. It is very graphic. That is not a bad thing. I truly believe this a story that lovers of dark fantasy HAVE to read, if not for the romance and an interesting take on the universe, then for the unique characters and the way they change and morph throughout the story into someone better… or worse.

Is it wrong to root for characters that murder people? To anyone who has not read this story, you will say in your poshest voice, “Why, yes. That is pretty bad.” Read this and I’m pretty sure you’ll question that belief.

NOTE: this book has been removed from Amazon by the author.

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