To Be Her First – Review


At sixteen, Journey Durant hasn’t yet experienced her first anything. No first boyfriend. No first date. No first kiss. But that’s all about to change. Two boys at West Emerson High are vying for her attention: the MVP quarterback and the school’s reigning bad boy.

David Britton is the sensible choice. He’s attractive, responsible, and every mother’s dream—including hers. But David and Journey are from two different social universes where David is the sun in his, and Journey is a moon rock in hers. He’s the most popular guy in school, and Journey is just background noise. She has a hard enough time accepting that he truly wants to be her friend, much less anything more.

And then there’s Steven Drake. Steven has dominated Journey’s fantasy life for as long as she can remember. He has a short list of things he cares about and school, the future, and what anyone thinks of him aren’t on it. Journey finds the element of rebellion he emanates to be intoxicating. But as much as Steven excites her, she knows there’s trouble down that road.

So who will be her first? Mr. Most Likely to Succeed or Mr. Most Likely to Go to Jail?

If you want a book that finishes with a neat and tidy ending, don’t try and read this as a standalone. To Be Her First is the young adult prequel for the bestselling novel The Bed She Made. It is a high school drama and romance that leads up to where The Bed She Made begins.

It is the beginning of the end for a rebellious daughter and the parents and boys who love her.


At first, I got a bit worried. There were three POVs in the first chapter. I tend to prefer stories that have at most two POVs because I dislike too much head-hopping. And, although teen-fiction is not usually what I would read, I continued on. I don’t regret the decision one bit because I got to know the three characters and began rooting for each one in different ways.

The female MC, I couldn’t really get attached to her for most of the story while, on the other hand, I have grown close to both male leads. They seemed to be the contrasts of one another in lifestyle and behaviour, and there was always the question of whom she was going to end up with. Secretly, I think I wanted it to be David.

Overall, the story was well thought out and well written. I enjoyed reading as it flew by for me as well as made me giggle a few times.

I would recommend this story for anyone who likes a light-hearted teen romance for those days when you just want to sit back, relax, and have a good laugh.

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