Interview with Gaby Cabezut

NOTE: original post Oct 1, 2016.

Today, I would like to welcome one of Wattpad’s most loved Romance writers: Gabriela Cabezut. She is a published author, a Wattpad Star, and a Wattpad Ambassador. There are probably some titles I’m missing here. Now that we’ve identified my next interview victim, let’s get on with the interview.


1. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your hobbies outside of writing?

Gaby: First of all, hi May, thank you for having me here! What I mostly do when I’m not writing, is anything related to the kitchen. I love to cook and bake, but mostly bake. Also, I read a lot (obviously) and I love listening to music, and sometimes, binging on Netflix series.

May: I wish I could cook something other than omelette or cake. I make the weirdest cakes. At one point, I used a blue food dye in the dough and coated the actual cake in chocolate, so no one could see the inside while on the outside it looked super pretty. And, when we cut the cake, people freaked out, thinking it was mouldy! At least, it tasted like vanilla and cherries.

2. There are so many genres out there, what influenced you to write Romance?

Gaby: I believe that love is the most beautiful feeling in the world, and I enjoy the part before you fall in love, the one you have embarrassment moments, and how people click and realize that they’ve fallen in love. The rest of the story, when they are together, it’s not so much fun!

May: That’s an interesting way to think about. I like to study how people cope with each other after they get together. That’s probably why my characters have a lot of issues… There is always so much more drama that can spice up their relationship, and you get to know the characters better.

3. Consider a scenario where you’re lost in an unknown to you city. Who would be the first fictional character you’d like to meet on your journey to finding your way home?

Gaby: I’d love to meet cocky, arrogant Matthew Jensen from Writer’s Luck. He’s really fun to hang out, and knowing me, I’d be stressed out of my mind not knowing where I am. He would definitely take thing more lightly than me.

May: Humm, I think I’d pick Churchill dog because I really want to ask him a question to which he’ll answer “Ah, yes.” Sorry, that ad is stuck with me for life, I think.

Writer's luckgabycabezut

4. Can you walk us through your journey with Wattpad and publishing?

Gaby: I found Wattpad about 5 years ago. I was a silent reader at first, after a while, I began to wonder what would happen if I wrote my first story, and since nobody knew me on Wattpad, I went for it. I wrote Radio Love and even though it has too many mistakes, people started to read it, and right before I finished it, I started Prince with Benefits, and that’s when things went out of control. I wrote that story for like three years, in my free time, not caring if it ranked or not, I just enjoyed writing it and reading all the comments. One day, I started a FB page and interacted more with my readers when one girl from the Philippines contacted me. She wanted to know if I’d be interested in publish it. It sounded too good to be true, but I talked to her and Wattpad HQ contacted me right at the same time. We spoke over the phone a few times and they actually knew the publisher that had contacted me. I got a few other offers from other publishers in the Philippines, but I trust Wattpad, so I went with the guys they knew. Pop Fiction Books have been great to me. They’re super nice and the readers from the Philippines are the most respectful and caring readers I’ve ever met.

After publishing Prince with Benefits, Wattpad offered me to be part of their Wattpad Star program, and I didn’t think it twice. I love Wattpad and everyone involved with it.

For my Hopelessly Imperfect, I queried it to Limitless Publishing and it they took me in, asking me to write a whole series for that book! (Perfectly Imperfect comes out in January!)

May: That sounds like a fairy tale. Truly amazing, Gaby! I’m so happy you’ve found your audience and people discovered your talent.

5. What advice would you give to aspiring Romance writers out there?

Gaby: I always tell them to write for themselves. You have to be passionate about your story, to love and enjoy what you do. I believe that it shows, and that’s how people discover you.

May: that’s exactly why all of my friends from university are unable to hold a conversation with me. I start going on about books while they talk about the new program they’ve designed/developed.

6. I have to ask this, and I don’t know why. What is your favourite male accent?

Gaby: British accent! I wrote Prince with Benefits with the sole purpose of having an English Prince telling me sweet things. Hahahaha.

May: Oh. My. God. YES. I am with you on that one 100%.

7. Prince or King?

Gaby: Prince, they don’t have so many responsibilities as a King.

May: Definitely Prince for me, too.

You need to forgive yourself

8. Let’s get back to the fun questions. If you got to go to space, what would be the words you’d print on your space suite’s back?

Gaby: Dream on! Because dreams are goals to achieve!

May: That’s beautiful! Mine would be something less exciting like, “I will miss you, cake. Dream of me.”

9. Do you use any editing software to help you with your writing? If so, could you tell us about it and how it has helped you?

Gaby: I’m starting to use Grammarly, and I love it. I make many basic mistakes, and Grammarly helps me find them!

May: I use it as well. It’s a really handy piece of software. I will leave a link for anyone interested here.

10. Please feel free to talk about your current and ongoing projects.

Gaby: Well, I just started Bad-Boy Prince on Wattpad. It’s Prince with Benefits sequel but in Mark’s voice. It’s really different, and I’m a bit worried about the reader’s response, but again, I love the story.

And, I’m currently editing Perfectly Imperfect before sending it to my editor. It comes out in January!

Prince with Benefits is published under POP FICTION BOOKS in the Philippines!!

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*Hopelessly Imperfect is published by Limitless Publishing.
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I want to leave you all with a small blurb from Gaby’s book.

Limitless publishing

Hopelessly Imperfect

Cancer is a beast.

It’s ugly, savage, and has no mercy.

Cassie learned this all too well while watching her mother slowly deteriorate, one agonizing day at a time…

With the desire to make her mother’s last year the best it can be, she works to be the perfect daughter. Every character trait, witty joke, like and dislike—Cassie molds herself to be what her mother would love most.

But in the end, it still isn’t enough…

After years of pretending, Cassie has no idea who she really is. When her mother slips away, Cassie falls into a deep depression, and thoughts of suicide become her most pressing threat. After a failed attempt, she seeks help, and is eventually able to return to life at home.

Going through senior year as the girl whose mom died sucks…

With her father picking up the pieces of his own heart, and Cassie back in school, she’s able to make a few new friends—one of them being Nathan Rivers. A little quiet, strong, and with inner demons of his own, Cassie can’t help but be intrigued. And as she grows closer to Nathan, the reasons for their mutual attraction slowly unveil.

Pain sometimes feels impossible to cope with. It’s consuming, saturating, and all-encompassing.

As Cassie and Nathan struggle to heal, can they learn to forgive and accept the past, and possibly find happiness in being Hopelessly Imperfect…?

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