Review of The Siren (The Soul Summoner Series Book 2)

Note: original post 13 Mar, 2016.

Today I would like to take a break from the usual interviews and take a moment to review one of Elicia Hyder’s books – “The Siren”, which is the second instalment to “The Soul Summoner” series. Elicia’s an absolutely lovely person and someone I admire as an author.

My review on Goodreads is short:

“I truly have enjoyed this book throughout. Although the beginning was a little slow, the rest of the story had great measured pacing. The characters’ witty banter made me giggle on more than one occasion. I even managed to laugh at the saddest times, oddly enough. To be honest, I feel that the author managed to create very fun characters and they really work well together. The universe is interesting and the mystery is always there to unravel.

The love triangle continues! I didn’t know how Sloan would continue the relationship between Nathan and Warren. Secretly, I’m probably still #teamWarren all the way, though.

In regard to the plot, I found this book to be better than the first instalment. There was a lot of foreshadowing done in the first book which made the sequel even better. It was a pleasure to read this piece and I can’t wait for the next one.”

And here, I wish to elaborate on it. I truly felt  involved in the world where Sloan underwent many trials with two of the most amusing characters I’ve read about in a while. The odd bromance/friendship between Warren and Nathan makes me think of my characters at times. (Thank God Lucious and Alexander are not in love with the same person – that would be super awkward).

There were tons of times I laughed. Truly, I burst out laughing in the middle of the room just to have my bf shoot weird looks at me over his shoulder. It shows just how engaging the book was. I loved the mystery and the way she worked the angle with angels and demons.

I must say that there were a few predictable moments, but that’s just me. I love figuring out events before they happen.

So, all in all, I really would recommend this series to anyone who is interested in Mystery/Thriller/Paranormal with a good dash of Romance. Five stars without question, Elicia!

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