Dark Affiliations (Helena Hawthorn Series Book 5)

DA cover 1 sample 2

Today’s the day when Dark Affiliations becomes available for pre-order!

Lucious and Helena are both entrapped by the Council but for different reasons. Where he shares an unstable reign with Hans, she is bound to the castle’s grounds for her own safety. Tough decisions, secrets, and endless arguments push them apart. What they don’t realise is that they could be played by someone more sinister than they’ve anticipated.

News that Demon Queen Baal will step down from the throne shake the Demon Realm. As an outsider, Maya is once again stuck between being a High Councillor and doing what’s right. The only chance to keep the realm stable is to find the princess in time with the help of her soul collector fiancé, hopefully before all demons are eaten by The Destroyer.

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