Interview with Jenna Greene

Q1 What is your author origin story?

JENNA: My author origin story begins at a young age. I was able to create intricate plot lines with my She-Ra: Princess of Power action figures. A few years later, I began to build the skill to write these stories down. And thus, the author was born!

Q2 What do you enjoy most about writing a story?

JENNA: I like finding out what the characters might do. I always start with a plan, but the people I write about have a mind of their own.

Q3 Apple or Android?

JENNA: Android.

Q4 Imagine you were trapped in a parallel universe to ours but, in that world, you were a villain. What would your profession be and how would you stop your other self?

JENNA: I feel I would be a teacher. An evil teacher who subtly broke down the self-esteem of her pupils. To defeat myself, I would ask thought-provoking questions to get at the heart of my own psychological issues.

Q5 Where does your inspiration come from?

JENNA: My inspiration comes from dreams, sights, memes… anywhere.

Q6 If you could bring only two items to an uninhabited tropical island with you, what would you bring? (Naked and Afraid style)

JENNA: I would bring my teddy bear, Fred, and a book about edible plant life.

Q7 What are you reading right now?

JENNA: I’m reading Imposters by Scott Westerfeld.

Q8 What is your writing routine?

JENNA: My writing style is pretty simple. I daydream all day and then, in the evening, I write for an hour or so. (And I always wear a tiara!)

Q9 After a long day, what do you do to relax?

JENNA: I take a bubble bath.

Q10 Do you have any ongoing projects you’d like to tell us about?

JENNA: I just released a new YA dystopian novel called REBORN and am already busily working on the sequel.

You can follow Jenna at the following links:

Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook or visit her website.

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