Update On Writing

Hi everyone,

This week has been the most relaxing time I’ve had for a while (except I’m still kind of working on stuff). I’ve been writing Blood Witch for 3.5 months. Since mid-December, I think, and it’s FINALLY DONE. The novel ended up being longer than I’d anticipated, which only means the editor is going to have a lot to go through. Heck, I already pity her. Those 94,000 words were hard to write with 3 POVs and all of the information from previous books that needed to stay in my head at all times. I think the file that I’ve created for notes alone ended up being over 5,000 words in length. Looks like I had a lot of stuff to keep on top of. 

Also, BW’s pre-order is up on Amazon. Woop, woop! *fireworks go off*

In other news, my Helena Hawthorn Series will be going wide this month. Most books are already out of KU, and I think the last one gets out of it around 21st of March. This undoubtedly will make my income a bit unstable for a while. In the meantime, I’m happy to be plotting out my next project. *evil laugh* I’ll keep it under wraps for a bit.

Blood Witch (Helena Hawthorn Series, #6)

Desperate times call for desperate measures…

Helena’s mind is set. She wants to learn blood magic no matter what and employs the help of a powerful warlock through her connections. Her actions create an even greater rift between her and Lucious. Shutting her eyes to the growing relationship problem, she isolates herself while burying her head in books.
When her mentor arrives in London, he’s not what she expected. As a matter of fact, in his hands, her life may come to an end sooner rather than later. 

Unable to prove the involvement of the Italian delegates in a plot to kill the Councilmen, Lucious is stuck between a rock and a hard place. The stability of the Vampire Council falls apart faster than he can act. Not only that, his blood-sister goes missing, a secret society wants him dead, and his love life is hanging by a thread. This time, the dark world he lives in my well and truly swallow him whole.

Oh, and down below, you will find a story called #FairyTaleDad. It’s available on SwoonReads (MacMillan Publishing Imprint) and is written by an author who is part of the AAYAA group that I’m in. If you could check out her story (for free) and give her some support via comments and votes, I’m sure she’d appreciate it! She really wants her book to be traditionally published. Let’s wish her luck.


No one ever said finding her dad would be easy. Sometimes a girl’s got to make the magic happen.

Summer’s wish is to have a dad. But the odds of ever finding her biological father are one in a million. She’s the product of an anonymous sperm donor, an unscrupulous fertility agent and a closed fertility clinic.

When Summer’s best friend, Jake, performs an illegal hack for her seventeenth birthday, she’s in for a shocking surprise. All the evidence indicates that her father is Lord Henry Appleton, an English Lord, billionaire and CEO of one of the most esteemed real estate companies in London. Who could ask for a better father figure?

But getting close to him isn’t easy. Even if Summer lands the prestigious internship as his personal assistant, she must contend with Lord Henry’s conniving ex-girlfriend the relentless paparazzi, and the growing attraction between him and her mum–all while carrying a secret that only she and Jake know. 

To read this story, you need to sign up to SwoonReads, which is part of the MacMillan Publishing.Books that receive the highest reading, ratings and comments are considered for publication, so please give this Contemporary Romance a try.

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Don’t forget to stay awesome and sane in this crazy world. 

Lots of love,

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