Guest Post – M. L. M. Lorraine

Entering ‘The X-Factor’ of Book Publishing

Hey readers and writers. My name is Lorraine M.L.M and I’m so excited to be here. Heartfelt thanks to May for allowing me some time in her home. Today, I want to talk about ‘The X-Factor’ of Book Publishing. Well, it’s not quite ‘The X-Factor’, but it’s the closest thing to X-Factor there is in book publishing and it’s called…

Swoon Reads – where readers rule!

Now you might ask, what is Swoon Reads?

Swoon Reads is an imprint of MacMillan Publishing and it’s a fantastic site for fans of swoon-worthy stories.

Registration is FREE.

Reading is FREE.

Interacting with writers and/or readers is FREE.

Writers and readers are all free and welcome to register and become part of the Swoon community. Swoon writers submit their never-been-published before manuscripts and Swoon Readers read, rate, and comment on the manuscripts to help the MacMillan team choose which books to publish next. All of the selected books must be Reader Approved, so it’s up to the readers to tell the publishing team what they want to see on the shelves.

With that in mind, I’ve submitted my manuscript #FairyTaleDad, a Young Adult Contemporary Romance novel to Swoon Reads and it’s currently FREE to read, rate and comment.

In case you’re wondering why, here’s a short story:

In March 2018 for World Book Day, I received a beautiful surprise when my nine-year-old daughter decided to dress up as Summer Le-Winton, the protagonist from my unpublished story, #FairyTaleDad and my son dressed as the phenomenal Harry Potter.

I walked into Sainsbury’s expecting to buy her something from the stock of well-known book day costumes, and she turned around and said, “I would like to dress up as a character from one of your books please.”

That gave me pause. “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” she answered, eyes glinting.

“But no one will know who you’re dressed as,” I said, confused.

“It doesn’t matter. I’ll know,” she said. “What does Summer or Alessia wear?”

“Alessia might be a bit tricky, but Summer wears anything on that aisle.”

“I’m dressing up as Summer then.” She looked through the clothing rail, then picked an outfit she liked. “Does Summer wear this?”

“Yes,” I answered, close to tears. I really had to hold back here. I was that emotional.

Of all the costumes in the shop, of all the books on the shelves, and of all the authors in the world, she chose to dress up as a character from my unpublished book.

As I walked across the shop, I was struck by an intense realisation. In the shopping trolley was a beautiful Harry Potter outfit that my daughter and I had chosen for my son. Next to it was a simple outfit, of a simple girl from a book that’s yet to hit any shelf.

J. K. Rowling touched millions of hearts in so many special ways through her words. Not every writer can do the same. And there I was, touching just one girl’s—my daughter’s heart through words she hasn’t even read yet. And every now and again she asks me if I’m getting close to publishing Summer’s story yet, and every time I tell her not yet, but we will.

My hope is that one day she and others like her will hold the real book in their hands and say, “I’m dressed as Summer Le-Winton and this is her story.”

What next?

I need your help.

If you enjoy reading Young Adult Contemporary Fiction please, and you can spare some time, may you support my quest for publication by signing up on and Reading, Rating and Commenting on #FairyTaleDad.

You get to read a great story (I hope), and I get to make my daughter and everyone else who’s ever had a dream proud. I believe in Summer’s story so much, not just for me, but for all young girls who might relate to Summer in any way.

Registration on the site is free. Reading, rating and commenting is free. All I ask is your time if you can spare some.

Register here:

Read here:

Site: Swoon Reads (MacMillan Publishing)

Title: #FairyTaleDad

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Romance


Summer’s wish is to have a dad. But the odds of ever finding her biological father are one in a million. She’s the product of an anonymous sperm donor, an unscrupulous fertility agent and a closed fertility clinic.

When Summer’s best friend, Jake, performs an illegal hack for her seventeenth birthday, she’s in for a shocking surprise. All the evidence indicates that her father is Lord Henry Appleton, an English Lord, billionaire and CEO of the most esteemed real estate companies in London. Who could ask for a better father figure?

But getting close to him isn’t easy. Even if Summer lands the prestigious internship as his personal assistant, she must contend with Lord Henry’s conniving ex-girlfriend, the relentless paparazzi, and the growing attraction between him and her mum–all while carrying a secret that only she and Jake know.

Praise from the Swoon Reads Community so far:

“A phenomenal modern-day fairytale that’s clever, uplifting and fun.”

 “A really good role model for teenage girls approaching the world of work – this book will hold your hand through those days commuting on the subway, running to get coffee for your boss, and photocopying… and make you smile. Five Hearts!”

“Fantastic. How much family really means. Family has unconditional love and faith. No one can replace anyone. Love holds and heals us.”

“This book instantly tugs at the strings of your heart and you want to see the whole thing through. It’s hard to put down. Once you start its mesmerizing. Love it!”

“I realized a while back that most of the stories I’ve been reading, none of the main characters looks like me. This story is a first of its kind. Just beautiful.”

 “I absolutely loved this fairy tale. The writing is amazing and takes you away into Summer’s world. There is a lot of suspense which I loved. I would love to see this as a movie.”

“It was fabulous – I loved the concept, I loved the characters, I loved the writing. I couldn’t put it down.”

Thank you,






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