eBook Giveaways and Such

Hello my thorns,

While my hair is covered in acrylic paint, and I still very much smell of it, I decided to share some wonderful ebook giveaways I’m participating in with you. Some of them are hosted by authors and do require you to sub to their mailing list.

The giveaways genres are Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romance—a bit of everything really. So, get ready to load up your Kindles or eReaders full of new stories (I hope).

I’m also participating in a cover design contest. I would appreciate it (and possibly love you eternally) if you would spare a moment–a sec or two–to vote for my book, Case: 0. Pretty please with a cherry on top? You wouldn’t say no to a puppy, would you?

You can vote by clicking here.

Thanks and lots of love,


Young Adult Books Giveaway

Get started with your FREE copy of the Memory’s Wake Trilogy with this exclusive, limited time only offer.

YAFB will deliver free and discounted reads to your inbox every week, and to get you started, you get this complete YA Fantasy trilogy for free as a welcome gift!

Get an eBook today and Enter to win $25 GC + paperback soon!

ALL Genres and Age preferences are welcome!

Sign up for Reader Central’s Newsletter and Enter to Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card + Paperbacks!

Get these books fast! This promotion ends May 22nd!

Find your next favorite fantasy among these FREE novels. Click on the covers of the books you want, sign up to learn a little more about the authors, and start reading.
Don’t forget to enter to win a gift card. Enjoy!
Out of This World Romance
Get these books fast! This promotion ends May 26th!

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