UPDATE: October 15th

Hello my thorns,

I didn’t think it was possible after feeling like a nausea balloon for countless weeks, but I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The nausea is slowly subsiding, and I can keep more food down. There are still times when I’ll randomly have to run off to the toilet to eject my meal, but it’s not as often anymore.

Pregnancy sure is an interesting trial.

With this development, I think I should be back in full swing in a week or two (fingers crossed). Because of my morning sickness, I lost about 4kg and am stuck with a diet of 900-1,200 kcal a day because any more than that is horrible on my stomach. My parents were joking that I’m going to have a monkey because bananas were the thing that managed to get digested 90% of the time. I lost count of how many of them I’ve eaten in the past month…

I’m also super nervous and excited to be getting my first scan in the beginning of next week. I’ll be taking my husband with me for some hand-holding.

While stuck in bed with little to do, I ended up watching a bunch of TV series on Netflix. I did find a pretty good one. If you’re a fan of supernatural horror, Marianne might be for you. It’s a French horror series but is definitely worth a look. Try not to binge it like I did or watch it before bed, because you might end up like me—with it on your mind all night. Those wide eyeballs still haunt me (you’ll know what I mean if you see the series). There is just something about demons and black magic that’s scarier to me than a slasher film.

Other than that, I am slowly starting to write again. I have 5-6 chapters left before the end of Twisted Truths. With a clear ending in sight, I am excited to finish it. At the same time, I feel like I’ve been working on this novel forever. I believe I started plotting/writing it in mid-May. Since then, it’s been one thing after another. A small avalanche of things to organise, unexpected illnesses, and work. I think they should add more hours to the day as I feel that there are never enough.

Below, you can find some awesome ebook deals and giveaways 🙂

Lots of love,


REVERB by David Fuentes

*This is a review copy*

‘Reverb: Live, Die, Rave, Repeat’ tells the epic story of six young and adventurous students who get to relive the first day of their, no holds barred, holiday to the hedonistic party haven of Magaluf over and over and over again.

Inspired by ‘Groundhog Day’ Written by Danny Rubin & Harold Ramis; one of the best films ever made. With all the boyish humor you would come to expect from the likes of ‘The Inbetweeners’; a hilariously comedic coming of age series and set of films. You will be utterly shocked at what you read followed by laughing until your sides split as you are immersed in a world that you never knew existed; but believe me, I’ve been there, it does.

This book is full of twists and turns that will always keep you guessing as to what could possibly befall our Ill-fated adventurers next as they not only find out more about the world around them, as they venture hundreds and hundreds of miles away from the schoolyard but also truly discover more about themselves through their journey of a thousand lifetimes.

Expect Sun, Sex and Sangria all mixed in with EDM, even more Sex and Narcotics. You won’t want to miss out on this whirlwind of an adventure that will leave you craving for more and more and more…

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