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Sci-Fi and Fantasy Giveaway to Start the Year Off Right.
This promotion ends January 27th!

2020’s Hottest Urban Fantasy.
This promotion ends January 31st!

Young Adult, Sci-Fi, Fantasy.
This promotion ends February 20th!

Dragon Assassin by Arthur Slade

She’s tough.
She’s training to be a brilliant assassin.
And she has a dragon as a secret weapon.
Carmen is about to graduate from Assassin school. Eight years of training finally comes to an end. But the Emperor has declared war on assassins. Graduation night might become the fight of her life. It’s a non-stop young adult adventure.
Take flight with this excerpt from the series.

This is a preview copy.

Once Upon A Time by Kylie Marcus

One Chance. Five Stubborn Prince Charmings. How’s a Girl Supposed to Save the World?
After my grandfather died, he left me one thing: a magical book. Now I’m enrolling at an Academy for fairy tale characters and it’s up to me to put their stories back together.
There are just a couple problems:
1. Last time I read a bedtime story, I was six.
2. It’s not like people are walking around introducing themselves as Prince Charming.
3. And speaking of princes – the princes I do meet aren’t interested in their princesses – but they’re only interested in kissing me?!
My grandfather’s letter said the fate of both this world and my own rests on my rewriting the fairy tales. That’s a lot for a sixteen-year-old to deal with let alone throwing in some villains who only want to see me fail.
Happily ever after as we know it, will never be the same.

This is a preview copy.

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