Books on Offer March 2020

Hey all,

I hope you’re having a wonderful day.

I’ve got a couple of giveaways lined up for you to enjoy this month. Although one of them is for February, it is still active (not sure for how long). There’s one Dark Urban Fantasy review copy available for download, and you mustn’t forget that you can read some of my novels on Inkitt for FREE. You don’t even need to create an account to read on Inkitt, which is pretty cool. But, I would appreciate a like or two…

Immortal – a Varcolac Novel by Kristin Ping

Natasha’s life begins the night she is turned. With the ability to channel fire, a gift that only belongs to the witches, she becomes a terror— not only to the packs, but all the supernatural breeds. She’s known as Blaze. The deadliest vampire out there.But Blaze has a secret. She didn’t want to become a vampire, she needed to become a vampire, and her reasoning is lost. It died the night her human life did.

Her conscience activates when two varcolacs visit the covenant, looking for allies for the Great War. What was it about the Varcolacs that made her grow a conscience? And will she be able to outrun it to keep the title of terror?

Below, you can find a few giveaways that are still running. Have fun and keep on reading 😀

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