Books On Offer – April Edition

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all well and are surviving the current situation. The world has gone mad, but that doesn’t mean that reading should stop, right?

So, to keep you busy and entertained, I’ve partnered up with a bunch of awesome authors to bring you some freebies.

Midnight Sun by Laurel Night

Being a reporter has its advantages.
Like when your best friend falls hard for a bad-boy rocker, who leaves freaky marks on her neck and a glazed expression in her eyes, you know how to get to the bottom of the mystery.
Of course, I do what any good friend would do: I sleuth to uncover what the hell is going on.
But when my investigating leads to the unbelievable—that vampires are real—I have to save my best friend before it’s too late.
There’s one big problem: She doesn’t want to be saved. And to make matters worse, the sexy stage manager for the vampire band is determined to get in my way.
Things go from bad to worse when my BFF runs off with the unholy rockstar. Now I have no choice but to trust a man that may very well be out for my blood.

Spliced by Kat Stiles

The ability to shapeshift comes with many temptations. For Tyler, robbing a bank is as easy as transforming into a branch manager. He’s funded his comfortable lifestyle with ease, but not without notice.
Tyler is intrigued by his shy but gorgeous new neighbor Ella. When she pops up in the last place he expects, he’s not sure she can be trusted.
As tensions rise around the safety of the general population with regard to “enhanced” individuals like Tyler, a secret organization called OCEI forms, but their motives are questionable.
Can Tyler escape capture by the OCEI? Will he uncover the mystery of Ella?

Suspense & Fantasy E-book Giveaway
April 1st – 30th
Sci-Fi & Fantasy E-book Giveaway
April 1st – 30th
Sci-Fi & Fantasy E-book Giveaway + Free $20 gift card draw
April 1st – 30th
Series Starter Giveaway
April 1st – 30th

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