Almanac – Angel Realm


The Angel Realm is probably the least explored in the series to date. Oddly enough, I never considered diving into it because the characters were in charge of their storyline. At some point, they reached an existence that was almost omnipotent in my head. Their decisions are their own, which is sadly why sometimes they come to a bitter end. I remember times when I got excited that some character was going to die and when it came down to it, they didn’t due to their decisions. In a way, it’s a curse and a blessing. I do plan on exploring the Angel Realm and how it functions in volume three of the series. This will probably happen in the coming years.

As I have explained in the previous sections, the first person to enter the Angel Realm was Gin. He was a warlock brimming with stolen powers. He wanted to see what he could do with an unlimited power source, which was the Well of Souls. He took it upon himself to conduct experiments by removing a soul from the well and reshaping it into the first angel. Pleased with the result that he was able to manifest a perfect servant, he made hundreds more. At that time, he was beginning to need a structure to keep watch over them and their development as a race. So, he divided himself into three, sending each part of himself to the different realms. He remained in the Angel Realm and continued to split into eight more demi-gods who rule the realm.

Once the Council of the Gods was established, he summoned the three oldest angels, Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel. They were bestowed with more power and given tasks to protect the most important things in the realm. Michael was in charge of protecting the Domain of Fates and teaching other angels how to become a perfect weapon for the gods. Raphael was tasked with defending the Well of Souls from intruders. Gabriel became a bodyguard for the gods. In the Helena Hawthorn series, Michael ends up falling in love with a fate. When his insubordination is discovered, he is banished to atone for his sin against the god who was due to wed Lilia.    


Angels: the lowest class of angels who strive to one day distinguish themselves and become an archangel. Many of them believe that the end justifies the means. The competition between them is fierce as only those the gods consider of importance are rewarded. Their militaristic lifestyle maintains their warrior spirit.

Archangels: Six angels who are in charge of protecting the Angel Realm from the inside and outside threats. They answer only to the gods and often have their greatest trust.

The current archangels are: Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Sealtiel, Jegudiel, Barachiel, and Jerahmeel.

Michael lost his power as an archangel due to his forbidden love with the fate, Lilia.

Guardian angels: A subclass of angles whose task is to protect a saint for the duration of her natural life. If they are able to keep the saint alive, and she chooses to become an angel, that guardian is able to become a candidate for an archangel position if one is available.

Council of the Gods: Eight False Gods who came from Gin. Their appearance and personalities vary so much that it is hard to believe they once were a part of the same person.

Gin – the first and most powerful God of Creation.

Eion – God of Water.

Lexdis – God of Fire.

Vaceus – God of Earth.

Syella – Goddess of Fate (Mother of the fates).

Cimera – Goddess of Truth.

Isoi – Goddess of War.

Niesis – God of Death.

Paaos – God of Air.