Annalise Storm Chronicles

Case: 0 (Annalise Storm Chronicles, #1)

Beauty and the Beast meets Science Fiction.

The second Annalise got her first assignment at the Academy, she knew her life was never going to be the same. Not only is she stuck in the Human Possession Department that no one wishes to go near, her father is breathing down her neck to marry some rich guy to gain political favour. To make matters worse, the case she’s given leads her right back home to her genetically modified servant that she would give her life for.

The pressure is on to close the case as soon as possible, and she’s in the spotlight. Will she be forced to choose her career over the man she secretly loves?

Case: 1 (Annalise Storm Chronicles, #2)

It’s official, Devlin is Annalise’s new partner. He’s charming, caring—a perfect gentleman who caters to her every need. That is, until he starts to mix work with pleasure to convince her to marry him as per agreement with her father.

With Mavel gone from her side, the cracks in the wall she created around her begin to come undone. To take her mind off the torment her heart is going through, she takes on another possession case in her old school, Montgomery Institute. But, what starts off as a simple case full of bad memories twists into a web of deception and lies involving everyone she cares about.

Case: 2 (Annalise Storm Chronicles, #3)

Duty or friendship, which to choose?

Annalise is faced with a new case. She must find out who plotted to assassinate the CEO of ETek and keep her findings a secret from Falcon. Easier said than done. The man pulling her strings from the shadows knows she’s up to something and takes what Annalise values the most as collateral.

A choice must be made—friendship or duty. Whatever she picks, there may be no good ending.

Secrets, lies, mystery, and forbidden romance await you in this final volume of Annalise Storm Chronicles.

Annalise Storm Chronicles Boxed Set (Books 1-3)

Read Annalise’s full story without interruption and for cheaper!

Genres: Mystery/Sci-Fi/Romance


“…I’ve never thought that I’d say this, but this book made me reconsider my thoughts about Sci-fi books. “ – Farah (Goodreads Reviewer)

“Non stop action. A horrible society in need of a hero. Likable characters. Different. “ – Kara (Amazon Reviewer)

“…I loved this book! The characters are outstanding, well developed and with distinct personalities. This was a really good book with a great storyline and lots of suspense! I highly recommend it!” – E. Pennington (Amazon Reviewer)

“When I started this book I had no idea what to expect. I am glad I had no preconceived expectations it was a truley wonderful experience. The notion of purebloods and modded is a fascinating and thrilling concept. Characters that gripped you and wrenched your heart with all the thrilling plot twists. ” – Heather Fellows (Amazon Reviewer)

I could not put this down! It was so good! Clara Solma (Amazon Reviewer)

WOWZA!…Where has this author and genre been all my life? This book had me hooked and engrossed from page one. I am definitely going to have to read the series. Incredible start. – Patty (Goodreads Reviewer)

Just loved it! A very original story with amazing characters with special features!– Catia (Goodreads Reviewer)

Though only three books long, the Annalise Storm Chronicles have been a complete delight to read. May Freighter has given the world some really good work with these volumes. The wrap-up is every bit as good as the other volumes if not even better. Secrets get revealed and seemingly all question from the series are given sufficient answering. Wonderful book and a wonderful series.– Derek Williams (Amazon Reviewer)

“This is the kind of story that makes you think while also being pure fun. A tough act but May Freighter pulls it off somehow.” – The Mysterious Amazon Customer (Amazon Reviewer)

I loved it to so much. I did read in one breath because it was so fascinating. The scenes and details I am fascinated at the world of this book. The science of technology is put down to smallest details. I finished book at record time since I LOVED IT and I couldn’t put it down. Details of crimes and cases is perfection itself… – Maria Appkova (Inkitt Reviewer)

“I could see this as a book I would pick up in a book store or a library and take home with me. Everything goes together so well and there’s no grammar, plot, OR storyline mistakes, so there’s nothing to distract me from the story. I am in love with this author’s work. Would also suggest the Helena Hawthorne series if you are looking for another good read. I am super excited to see where the author goes with this.” – Kitana (Inkitt Reviewer)