Book Editing Services

Editing is an important part of the process to release your book baby into the world. Every author wants to stand out from the crowd and not receive reviews that point out their grammatical errors or typos. As someone who has been in the publishing industry for years, and edited many books, I understand your plight. My services are for authors who need their story to reach new heights at an affordable price. I will be honest and give your book the time and effort it needs.

If you are unsure about something, feel free to contact me through my website’s contact form.

Choose the editing service you need:

Copy Editing: 

A basic word-by-word edit that addresses grammar, usage, and consistency problems.

  • Check for spelling errors, typographical errors, and consistency.
  • Correction of grammatical and linguistic errors.
  • Attention to punctuation (UK and US English).
  • Editing time: 6-8 business days.

Line Editing:

A structural edit that focuses on the flow of ideas, transition of elements, tone, and writing style.

  • Includes everything in the Copy Editing section.
  • Fixing awkward sentence construction and suggestions on improvement.
  • Removing redundancies. 
  • Focus on narrative, vocabulary, structure, characterisation, style, and development.
  • Editor’s notes and comments throughout the manuscript.
  • Editing time: 10-14 business days.
Sample of before and after


  • Check of the manuscript for typos and other errors.
  • Proofreading time: 3-5 business days.


  • Copy Editing – $0.002 per word.
  • Line Editing – $0.005 per word.
  • Proofreading – $0.0015 per word.

*New clients get 10% off their edit.

What authors say:

“Over the years, I’ve had many of my books edited by May and am very pleased with the results. Her helpful comments also helped me improve my writing and grammar. You definitely won’t regret working with her!” – Anna Santos, Bestselling Author .

“May’s editing skills are thorough, meticulous, and efficient. She gives helpful feedback on both content and structure. If you want your work to shine, I would highly recommend May for all your editing needs.” – Alyssa Breck, USAT Bestselling Author.

“Thorough, detailed, and easy to work with. I highly recommend May Freighter for copy editing services.” – R.K. Close, Author of the Vampire Files Trilogy.