Interview with Ysa Arcangel

NOTE: original post Mar 1, 2016. Today, I have a wonderful guest, Ysa_Arcangel. She is a popular Wattpad writer of Paranormal and Romance and a published author. First of all, congrats on getting your novel published. It must feel amazing! Ysa: Hi May! Thanks for having me here. I feel so honored. Yay for getting … Continue reading Interview with Ysa Arcangel

Interview with Rebecca Sky

And it’s another day where you get to know another great author. I have kidnapped Rebecca Sky (with consent, I assure you). She’s a member of the ‘Wattpad 4’, a Wattpad Star, and is an all-round nice person who is eager to help others improve their writing by providing some great advice. Now then, let’s … Continue reading Interview with Rebecca Sky

Interview with Lindsey Clarke

NOTE: Post originally published in Feb, 2016. Since winter is coming to an end, I thought it would be nice to have a writer with chilling stories but a warm personality. So, today, we have Lindsey Clarke (@LittleCinnamon) who is the authors of the Whitechapel Chronicles on Wattpad. You will usually find her rocking the … Continue reading Interview with Lindsey Clarke

Interview with Rita S Kovach

I would like to introduce you to Rita S Kovach. She has signed her debut novel with Pocket Star Books (a digital-first imprint of Big 5 publisher Simon & Schuster) in the recent months and is a very active member of the Wattpad community. A lot of her works are available to read on Wattpad, … Continue reading Interview with Rita S Kovach

Interview with Michelle Hayes

This time around, I have brought you an extremely lovely author, Michelle Hayes. She’s very open-minded, easy to get along with, and simply one of the nicest people I have talked to on Wattpad. Michelle is a Paranormal Romance and Mystery/Thriller writer. She’s here to, hopefully, share her secrets with us. So, thank you for … Continue reading Interview with Michelle Hayes

Interview with Owain Glyn

Today, I am happy to introduce you to a poet and a man who is surely going to make you laugh once or twice throughout the interview: Owain Glyn. He is a Wattpad ambassador and is (hopefully) going to share some writing secrets along with the workings of such a massively popular website. First, I … Continue reading Interview with Owain Glyn

Interview with Gavin Wilson (Wattpad Head of Content)

Hello and welcome to another interview! Today, we have Gavin Wilson (@TheOrangutan) who is part of the Wattpad Community Engagement team. This interview will run differently to the previous ones. It will be divided into the Wattpad section, which will talk about the website and how it functions, and the second part where I get … Continue reading Interview with Gavin Wilson (Wattpad Head of Content)

Interview with KM Halandras

Hello everyone, Today is the final interview of the month. I can take it easy for the rest of January! Kidding. Editing is still ahead. The person who must suffer through my questions today is one of the nicest writers on Wattpad who has a lot to offer her readers. K M Halandras is a … Continue reading Interview with KM Halandras

Interview with Anna Santos

Hello and welcome to another author interview, Today, I bring you one of the loveliest people I have had the pleasure of talking with since I joined Wattpad. At first, I didn’t think Anna Santos would agree to this interview since she is always busy with her stories, publishing, and marketing, but, here she is … Continue reading Interview with Anna Santos

Interview with Nikki20038

Hello everyone, Today we have @Nikki20038 with me. She has claimed a ‘Watty Award’ this year and is a popular Teen Fiction writer on Wattpad. Well, with the introductions out of the way, we can begin the torture, I mean, the interview process. 1. Why Teen Fiction? What made you choose to write in this … Continue reading Interview with Nikki20038