UPDATE: October 15th

Hello my thorns, I didn't think it was possible after feeling like a nausea balloon for countless weeks, but I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The nausea is slowly subsiding, and I can keep more food down. There are still times when I'll randomly have to run … Continue reading UPDATE: October 15th

Featured Writer – RJ City

Hello everyone, Today is the day I post a short story on the theme of "First snow" selected by me as part of the Featured Writer day. My choice was "A Promise" by RJ_City. She is a paranormal writer on Wattpad who has written the "Antoinette Drake, Vampire Hunter" trilogy. Before we delve deep into … Continue reading Featured Writer – RJ City

His Little Rabbit by May Freighter – Short Story (Unedited)

Room 1005, The Royal suite was Diana’s destination. None of her clients until now could afford such a room at the Rutherford Hotel and, because of that, she wasn’t certain what to expect from her client. Cool air in the hallway hugged her long limbs in places where the knee-length silver cocktail dress did not … Continue reading His Little Rabbit by May Freighter – Short Story (Unedited)