Interview with Zoe Ashwood

I hope you're all doing well. Today may be a gloomy day here in Dublin, but the author I'm about to introduce is surely a ray of sunshine. Zoe Ashwood is a paranormal romance author who has participated in Creatures of the Dark anthology with me and has made me laugh multiple times with her … Continue reading Interview with Zoe Ashwood

The Shadow Files Excerpt

When the Shadows Come by Alyssa Breck What if the person you hated most was murdered and their ghost came to you asking for help to solve the crime? Carolina Sinclair is surrounded by shadows that crawl up walls and dead people looking for the door to the other side. When her childhood nemesis, Mallory … Continue reading The Shadow Files Excerpt

Interview with Elicia Hyder

Hello dear readers, I do hope you've missed me! If not, don't worry, I will just go sulk in my writer's closet. Today I have a wonderful interview ready for you. My guest is: Elicia Hyder,  author of "The Soul Summoner" series, "The Detective", "To Be Her First" and "The Bed She Made". Phew, now … Continue reading Interview with Elicia Hyder