Trapped (Hide and Seek Book 1) Review

Now that I have finished reading this book from cover to cover, I have to give it 5 stars. Great story, intriguing plot, and a good mystery to hold it all together! Sally Mason is truly an author you should keep your eye out for. Blurb “You have to fight them, Kelsey, or they’ll ruin … Continue reading Trapped (Hide and Seek Book 1) Review

Interview with Nikki20038

Hello everyone, Today we have @Nikki20038 with me. She has claimed a ‘Watty Award’ this year and is a popular Teen Fiction writer on Wattpad. Well, with the introductions out of the way, we can begin the torture, I mean, the interview process. 1. Why Teen Fiction? What made you choose to write in this … Continue reading Interview with Nikki20038

Featured Writer – RJ City

Hello everyone, Today is the day I post a short story on the theme of "First snow" selected by me as part of the Featured Writer day. My choice was "A Promise" by RJ_City. She is a paranormal writer on Wattpad who has written the "Antoinette Drake, Vampire Hunter" trilogy. Before we delve deep into … Continue reading Featured Writer – RJ City