Interview with Brittanie Charmintine

NOTE: original post 16 Apr, 2016.  It is another lovely day. The sun is…nowhere to be found because the author who is with us today is Brittanie Charmintine and her vampires would have fled the scene if sunshine was painting our room golden. For those of you who don’t know her, Brittanie is a paranormal/fantasy … Continue reading Interview with Brittanie Charmintine

Interview with Ysa Arcangel

NOTE: original post Mar 1, 2016. Today, I have a wonderful guest, Ysa_Arcangel. She is a popular Wattpad writer of Paranormal and Romance and a published author. First of all, congrats on getting your novel published. It must feel amazing! Ysa: Hi May! Thanks for having me here. I feel so honored. Yay for getting … Continue reading Interview with Ysa Arcangel

Interview with Nikki20038

Hello everyone, Today we have @Nikki20038 with me. She has claimed a ‘Watty Award’ this year and is a popular Teen Fiction writer on Wattpad. Well, with the introductions out of the way, we can begin the torture, I mean, the interview process. 1. Why Teen Fiction? What made you choose to write in this … Continue reading Interview with Nikki20038