Interview with Owain Glyn

Today, I am happy to introduce you to a poet and a man who is surely going to make you laugh once or twice throughout the interview: Owain Glyn. He is a Wattpad ambassador and is (hopefully) going to share some writing secrets along with the workings of such a massively popular website. First, I … Continue reading Interview with Owain Glyn

Featured Poet – Abby Gray

Hello everyone, Today we have the wonderful @beautifully-mixed with us for a brief interview and a featured poem on the theme of “First Snow” that she had submitted. Also, Abby provides an honest review service on her Wattpad account. So, for anyone interested to get some feedback on the first 3 chapters of their story/book, … Continue reading Featured Poet – Abby Gray

Featured Writer – Farah Loqman

Hello everyone, Last post of the day is here. It is the poetry submission by @_city_of_angels_ who is a friendly, lovely, and fun Wattpad poet. Do check out her poetry. Although she is not English native, her poetry buzzes with emotion and flow. Here's her submission on the theme: First snow. I believe she's written it … Continue reading Featured Writer – Farah Loqman