Alexander Novels

Alexander: Memoirs (A Vampire In Love, #1)

Alexander lives his life for two reasons: to protect his mother and keep his one-sided love for Katharine hidden. He is a servant, incapable of reaching the top of the social ladder without help. Chances like that come at a cost, and he is more than willing to pay for it.

All does not go according to plan. The woman he loves marries another, the man who tried to kill him becomes his rival, and the fate of his mother changes for the worst. Alexander knows one thing for certain. He cannot turn the time back, just as he cannot become human again.

*This book is a prequel to the Helena Hawthorn series.

Monochrome Interview (A Vampire In Love, #2)

It’s been over two centuries since Katharine’s death. To keep his heart dead and cold, Alexander works hard to build a prosperous business. With Lucious and Helena out of the picture, he is once again left with more paperwork than ever. That is until he meets a woman who challenges him at every turn.

Abigail Greene is two things: she is strong-willed and always falls for the wrong guy. When she meets Alexander for an interview, she has to put on a perfect act to deter him from flirting with her. Her plan works perfectly, but what she witnesses in his club makes her doubt her sanity.

​Swept away into Alexander’s dangerous world, Abigail is left tangled up in things she’d rather run from, literally. The only thing that makes her stay is the man who haunts her every thought.

**This book takes places during Fated Origins (Book 4).

Genres: Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance