Helena Hawthorn Series

Russian Roulette (Helena Hawthorn Series Book 1)

Who could guess that one brush of a fingertip over a shimmering soul-string could flip your world upside down and inside out?

Nineteen-year-old Helena’s life changes when her spirit enters the Angel Realm in search of her father. But, things don’t go as planned. Against her guardian angel’s warnings, she binds her soul to a vampire—a creature she thought only existed in horror movies.

Lucious has spent his immortality looking for the monsters who killed his sire. The last thing he needs is to be vulnerable because of a bond with a reckless girl. Yet, he sees how he can turn this to his advantage. Believing that Helena possesses great power, he plans to use her against the Council as a bargaining chip.

When Helena meets the gorgeous and also terrifying vampire with whom she’s now stuck sharing an emotional bond, she realises that her life will never be the same. Despite fighting against Lucious’s manipulative ways, she can’t deny their attraction.

As their desire for each other intensifies, she needs to know if she can trust him. After all, her life and soul are on the line.

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demon gates cover v1Demon Gates (Helena Hawthorn Series Book 2)

 Uncertain whether she is human or not, Helena is forced to undergo new nightmares while her mental battle continues with a demon called ‘Lazarus’. Without her guardian angel to protect her, she is left to rely on vampires who have their own reasons for everything.

The attraction between her and Lucious grows, whether it is a side effect of the soul-bond they share or of their own volition. Yet, how can they be certain?With the help of her new friends, they must seek out a Demon Gate and enter the Demon Realm to stop Lazarus from claiming her and Lucious’ souls.

But, will they succeed or perish as the only weapon that can kill a demon has been lost centuries ago.


crumbling control merged v2Crumbling Control (Helena Hawthorn Series Book 3)

After attending a funeral in Aberdeen, Helena meets with a member of the European Vampire Council. Vincent shares his concerns about the imminent dangers local vampires are facing. After all, the hunters are gathering in London, local packs of werewolves fight for territory, and Eliza is up to something that will ‘save them all’.

Lucious is staying away from Helena. The hunters shot him full of tracking bullets and every time he stops, they catch up to him. To prevent those he cares about from being in danger, he ends up calling in a favour from the man he never wished to see again.

Helena’s feelings for Lucious begin to waver as she cannot get in contact with him. Andrew remains by her side and makes her laugh when everything else is going to hell.

How will Helena and Lucious overcome their new trials once the hunters come knocking on their door, demons escape through the Demon Gate, and the Council begins to crumble?


fated origins mergedFated Origins (Helena Hawthorn Series Book 4)

Helena’s life is back to normal. College, friends, family…everyone’s happy. Yet, she can’t understand what is missing. No matter how hard she tries to fake her excitement about a new movie or laugh over a cup of coffee during lunch, it doesn’t feel right.

Peace doesn’t last long. A demon appears, claiming to be her friend and lifts the memory block Lucious had put up. Outraged he had done this to her, she decides to go against her family’s wishes and pursue him in London. Only one problem remains: she’s losing control of her body.

On the flip side of the coin, Lucious is unable to mend his broken heart. He grew complacent and cares little about the proceedings of the Council while Kallias takes the lead. With the hunter threat growing and the werewolves no longer willing to help stabilise London, to unify the vampires all over the world, Kallias believes it is time to awaken the one true leader—Arthemis.

The full cycle comes to an end. Lilia and Helena are faced with the original vampire. Despite their differences, a choice must be made with grave sacrifices. Will they save humanity or let vampires rule the world?


Dark affiliations (Helena Hawthorn Series Book 5)

Fairy tale endings aren’t real.
Moving in with Lucious was meant to be Helena’s happily ever after. She gave up everything for him, but he’s no longer the same man he used to be. The arrival of two European delegates proves to be more than their strained relationship can handle. One wrong move and the soul-bond they share could become a prison for eternity.

Maya has received orders to return to the Demon Realm. Queen Baal is ready to step down and name a successor, but the princess is nowhere to be found. To bring the princess back before the nobles take matters into their grabby hands, Maya is forced to work with her demon fiancé. With the princess gone, the throne in danger, and an archdemon loose on the realm, Maya and Eirik have to put aside their differences and work together. Easy peasy, right?


Genres: Urban Fantasy/Mystery/Paranormal Romance