Almanac – Fourth Realm & Magical Items

The Fourth Realm

The fourth realm is one of the parallel realms that are intersecting with the Human Realm at certain points. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any more realms after this one. They have simply not been discovered by the magic users.

Unlike the other three realms, the fourth is empty and prime for creation. In Fated Origins, when Reaver escapes through the doorway to the Fourth Realm, he becomes equivalent to a False God. That isn’t to say that he, suddenly, became all-powerful. No. He stands on a blank canvas with which he can do as he pleases if he has enough magical power. Because no single warlock is strong enough to maintain and control an entire realm by himself, he will be forced to seek out new sources of power. To do that, he may have no choice but to invade other realms and steal their energy.

As you know, the Helena Hawthorn series is divided into volumes. At the moment, they are plotted as follows:

Vol. 1 – Book 1 – 4 (Helena’s and Lucious’ Fated Journey)

Vol. 2 – Book 5 – 8 (The Vampire Council’s Restoration)

Vol. 3 – Book 9 – 12 (Angels and the Fourth Realm) The third volume of the series will dive deeper into the Angel Realm, Fourth Realm and what happened to Reaver. He’s not out of the story yet!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is an incomplete list because, as the series progresses, more items will be added to it over time.
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Magical Items

Blessed amber stones: Witches of the Wiccan Circles, sirens, and warlocks are able to bless the amber stones to protect themselves from demonic possession and influence. Depending on the strength and tenacity of the demon, the stones turn black over time. The darkness inside is the demon’s energy that surrounds the wearer—energy they can only see when focusing on their mental shields.

Arcanae Mortum: Are twin blades that were created in the Human Realm by Iridia to protect the realm from the intrusions by angels and demons. Over the centuries, most of the blades were lost and soon forgotten as an agreement with the Angel Realm was put in place—only one angel may enter the realm per cycle of the saint.


Iridia—Goddess of the Magi—couldn’t stand seeing those under her command losing to the monsters that slipped through the gates between the realms. She ordered her loyal blood witches to summon demons and bind them to other witches. Once the demon was trapped in a vessel, they cut the witch open, while they were alive, and ripped out their strongest bones. Those bones were delivered to the most skilful blacksmiths who forged the black arcanae mortum. A blade made from a demon was the only thing capable of destroying any demon who dared to venture into the Human Realm and attack Iridia’s servants.

The following year, to deter angels from entering the Human Realm in numbers, the goddess had her followers locate the oldest trees that were watered with soul energy. They possessed a magical essence that could disrupt magic that held soul-less angels together. A number of those trees were cut down and their branches shaped into the white arcanae mortum.

– The blade with the white hilt was designed to kill the creatures from the Angel Realm. It would greatly weaken a demon, but the wielder would be forced to take the demon’s place. After the merge is complete, the battle of wills will commence until the victorious mind resumes control of the body.

– The blade with the black handle was designed to kill creatures from the Demon Realm but can greatly wound an angel. The wielder does not become an angel and no merge commences.

Viator bijous: are messenger gems used by the powerful Wiccan Circles, sirens, and warlocks to communicate over long distances. The practice was soon forgotten when the telephone was invented because it used some of the wielder’s life force. They are black in colour and look similar to hematite stones.

Oculus amoris: a relic handed down the Matthews Wiccan family line, currently their Circle is based in Aberdeen, Scotland. A story is passed onto the new beholder of the item that permits them to see the ones they love. 

Under the moonlit sky, the first of the blood stood tall and proud. Her magic protected her from the darkness of the world. On that night, she fell in love with a man long dead. Unable to bear her sorrow that he was the nightmare she was taught to hate and despise, her soul broke into two. Half of it formed a crystal sphere that showed the wielder the truth that lay in the depths of their heart. The other half she chose to give to him in the hopes that he would become human again. Yet, the moment he accepted the other half of her soul, she became the wind, the stars, and the ground. He, too, could not hold on to his grief and gave the crystal sphere to her sister before joining his lover in the Afterlife.  

Fireawn ‘uwnadad: an ancient relic that belonged to King Tutankhamun. It helps Ghoul Master accept new ghouls under his command at a price. Every time he accepts a new ghoul into his flock, he must sacrifice a piece of his flesh by feeding it to the new ghoul. Although Ghoul Master’s regeneration ability is great, the flesh he uses in a ritual does not regenerate. He keeps his hands bandaged as there is next to no flesh left on them.

Adamantine: a mythical metal used to forge weapons by the gods. A number of these weapons are scattered around the world. One of such swords is in Reaver’s collection of rare items.

Magicae Ruptor: an object that could seal away magical energy no matter how powerful the caster is. It’s like a black hole that’s never satisfied. The True Gods who created it feared it once it was released into the world. They tried to retrieve it only to have their powers trapped in it as well.