Want & Need Review


Falling for your boss is never a good idea—especially if he’s emotionally unavailable…

Kyra Wilson is an average woman with a typical job. Her boss, on the other hand, is anything but average. Paul Connors is handsome, wealthy, and has massive sex appeal to boot. After some mutual flirtation, Kyra makes a move to change their work relationship to something more.

All goes as planned, until Paul makes his stance on relationships clear…

After a few hot encounters between the sheets, Kyra is ready to take it to the next level. But Paul refuses to commit—and won’t say why. Settling on ‘friends with benefits,’ Kyra is happy to make the most of Paul’s body in the hope she can change his mind.

But when a handsome stranger comes along, Kyra is swept off her feet…

Kyra meets her best friend’s soon to be brother-in-law, Scott Adams. Tall, dark, handsome—and monogamous—he is everything she wants, and more. Engulfed with the desire to settle down, Kyra falls fast and hard. Still, she struggles to cast aside her lust for Paul so she can completely focus on her future with Scott.

As always, nothing is as perfect as it seems…

When wicked secrets are exposed, Kyra dangles between the two men. With her future on the line, Kyra closes the door on her past and accepts Scott’s invitation to live together.

It doesn’t take long for a trio of tragedies to leave Kyra clutching onto her sanity, and relying on the one person she only ever dreamed of…

About the author

Born in the grand year of 1986, I am currently a 30 year old female living in Lincolnshire, England.

By day, I work in an office from 8.30 – 5 but my mind is never quiet from scenes, ideas and characters chattering away.
By night, I am an aspiring author, hoping to touch others with my crazy, wild ideas.
I am a mother to an energetic 9 year old boy and partner to the world’s best boyfriend.

My main interests are in the paranormal but I am interested in all genres and am planning stories to cover the vast array of different tastes. I am also very passionate about serious issues such as domestic violence and mental health. As such, these themes do run in alot of my stories.
I am also a hardcore conspiracy theorist and all of my stories contain twists, turns, and ideas that will hopefully leave you thinking ‘What did I just read?’

I am a redhead (and proud of it!), and as such, most of my female characters are redheaded as I feel we are underated and albeit forgotten!

On a serious note, I’m an avid supporter of animal rights and cannot tolerate abuse to animals in any way, shape, or form. My driving force behind my venture into writing is to help this cause by supporting animal charities whilst also seeking to set up my own animal rescue. This is my author brand – money you spend with me – either on my books or my products – will be put towards this vital cause. I am dedicating 25% of all my profits to The Brooke.


Today, I wish to review a great romance book “Want & Need” by C. J. Laurence that made my emotions confused, my heart swell with warmth, and even got me so excited about the ending, I couldn’t put it down all day—which happens rather rarely.

The story is about a woman, Kyra, who starts having a sexual relationship with her boss who is 100% against commitment. The two of them seemed to get up to a lot of naughty things in the office and outside. It was going great until she realised that wanted to get her happily ever after, something he said he couldn’t give her. I won’t get into any more details here because it would spoil the fun for the rest of you.

Claire managed to keep me enthralled throughout the whole book. There were no parts too boring, just enough conversation and action to make a perfect ensemble. Emotions in the characters ran high along with plenty of tension and excitement in the plot. She even managed to pull one on me with her mystery skills. Good one, Miss Laurence.

Overall, I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and almost forgot I was sick. It’s a great read for any romance reader who likes their plot well-cooked along with plenty of steamy scenes for dessert.

Release Date: 9th of August, 2016

Buy links: Amazon UK, Amazon US.

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