Interview with Alyssa Breck

1 Why did you decide to become a writer?

ALYSSA: Hmm. That’s a tough question. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had stories in my head. I took the leap about eight years ago to actually try and write a novel though. I’m not sure there’s a solid why, other than my head might blow up if I don’t put the metaphorical pen to paper.

MAY: I think that if we don’t become writers, we may become crazy people who talk to themselves on the street and hide in the shadows of a building because we are allergic to sunlight.

love voodoo v32 When you were growing up, who was your childhood hero?

ALYSSA: Wonder Woman, for sure. I remember being eight-years-old and dressing up in my Wonder Woman Underoos and jumping from the couch to the loveseat and pretending that I was flying in my invisible plane. Most superheroes were men, so it was definitely empowering to see a woman exhibit that much fortitude. To this day, I still love Wonder Woman.

MAY: I loved the Wonder Woman movie that came out this year.
For my childhood hero, I’d definitely have to go with my mum. She basically supported our entire family alone while working ungodly hours at the ER.

3 Roses or violets?

ALYSSA: I’m not a fan of either, but if I had to choose one, I’d choose violets.

MAY: I think I’m roses all the way.

4 Imagine yourself in your favourite city, drinking coffee alone and enjoying the view of a busy street. A person sits down opposite you, and you realise that they are there to prevent an explosion from happening. You’re the closest person who can help them. What fictional character do you want to be the one who helps you disarm the bomb?

ALYSSA: Ooh. I would have to pick vampire Sean Black from my Bad Blood Empire series. With his vampire senses, he’d be the perfect partner.

MAY: Nice choice. I would pick James Bond (007) just because he has probably done this before and I have no idea how bombs work.

5 If you could pick a single animal to take with you on a journey around the world, what animal would you take and why?

ALYSSA: I’d take my Great Dane, Sophie. She’s deaf and partially blind, and I kind of feel like I’m her seeing eye person. I can’t imagine taking a long trip without her.

MAY: Aw, that’s so cute! I can’t imagine taking an animal with me anywhere. The only pets I own are cacti. Thankfully, they’re pretty much self-sufficient. It’s hard enough to remember to feed myself.

6 This question is here because you got me to watch the movie Hush. Envision a scenario where you are the writer who is trapped in that forest cabin. There is a person outside the cabin, eager to come in, and you’re terrified of them. Out of your everyday life, who would that person be?

ALYSSA: I don’t think I’m that afraid of anyone in my everyday life.

MAY: I would say the TV license guy 😉 They are like Grim Reapers except instead of your soul, they take your money.

mark of the raven front 2.png

7 Do you have any writing advice for aspiring romance writers?

ALYSSA: Let me preface this advice with the caveat that when I started writing I wasn’t planning on writing romance. That being said, I’ve managed to incorporate romance, paranormal, and horror resulting in dark romance which I absolutely love. My first piece of advice would be to think about the type of romance you like and then write the story you’d want to read. Beyond that, join writing groups on Facebook. Get to know other writers and find a good critique partner. The writing community is full of wonderful people willing to share information and tips for budding authors whether your goal is to go the traditional route or go indie.

MAY: That’s really good advice. I remember the years I have spent on Wattpad before publishing. It helped me gain the confidence to get my books edited and to, eventually, publish. Without feedback, it’s tough to write or know if you are any good at it.

8 Describe your perfect romantic getaway.

ALYSSA: I’m not a big romantic at heart, but I’d love to spend a week in a cabin in the mountains without a crazy psycho killer lurking outside, of course. Haha.

MAY: Ahaha, Yeah, that may be good. There are so many horror movies with cabins that I’m afraid of that sort of getaway.

My romantic getaway would be going somewhere with the sea as blue as the sky and sunshine that doesn’t make you into a burned toast in 5 minutes. Drop in a sunset and the man I love and I’m golden. Just no technology—otherwise, there will be 0 conversation.

9 What is the hardest scene you’ve ever written?

ALYSSA: There have been a few, but the one that stands out in my mind is a scene in a book that is currently being rebranded. In this story, the protagonist loses her husband in a car accident where she was the driver of the vehicle. The funeral/burial scene was very difficult to write and I had to draw on my own well of emotions and experience with grief.

MAY: My hardest scene was when one of my MCs died and the other was left behind, clinging to her body. I can still feel that character’s pain and loneliness.

10 Please tell us about your upcoming projects and events.

ALYSSA: I’m in the process of rebranding and re-releasing the Bad Blood Empire vampire series. Also, I’m working on a sequel to Hex Appeal co-written with Carrie Clevenger. My rock star romance, Unraveled, will be in a box set in February with the proceeds benefiting autism charities.

Malediction of the heart v4.pngHere’s a blurb for Alyssa’s book MALEDICTION OF THE HEART.

Archaeologist Olive Prentiss lives for the thrill of the dig. When her less-than-honorable father makes a shady business deal, Olive is forced to commit the cardinal sin of stealing from an Egyptian tomb. The Heart of Amenken is the only thing that will save her father from the wrath of billionaire art collector Xavier Wells. Olive’s instincts warn her to stay away from him and abandon the plan. But since she’s had the scarab in her possession, the attraction between them is undeniable and she can’t shake the constant feeling of déjà vu.

Xavier Wells’s desire to possess the heart scarab isn’t merely driven by greed. The relic ties him to his tragic past. The longer Olive holds the heart, the closer it brings her to him. He could have any woman he wants, but he has his sights set on only one. Olive doesn’t know it, but she is the missing key to fulfilling a dark destiny that he will stop at nothing to realize.


You can find Alyssa on Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter.

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