Update on Daily Life

Hi guys,

It’s been a while. I have, virtually, made zero progress writing (because I’m on self-imposed hiatus this month to recover from my super-slump as per advice from my fellow authors) but, amazingly, I’ve found a diet that finally works for me and doesn’t make me feel like a ravenous animal on the loose. I have to say, It has been an interesting experiment so far. Don’t know how you’re like, but once I start a new diet, it tends to end within…two weeks? Sometimes, maybe two days. Since my job is mainly having my shapely behind seated behind a desk with a laptop, I seemed to have gained some unneeded weight. What really made me see how round I’ve gotten around my middle was when I could no longer fit into the dress I was sporting 4 years ago.

So what did I do?

I went to look into Intermittent Fasting and Fasting in general on YouTube. Yup, I took the lazy way out. But, after listening to a bunch of doctors (whom I’ve read up on later) discussing their results with overweight patients and those who suffer from diabetes (Type 2), I was like… Why not try this? Sounds like it could work. And, since they said that a Keto (low carb – high fat or LCHF for short) diet is like a sister to IF, I took it upon myself to see how those two function together.

What happened next?

Well, since the 1st of June, I’ve lost 4kg (8.81lbs) with which I’m pretty pleased. This is at mild exercise regime since I don’t like sweating a lot. Week 1 was kind of hard to say goodbye to sugar and all those carbs I loved. Oh, and cake! God, I loved cake. Have to learn how to make a low-carb one somehow! Then, there was lack of energy for the first week. I thought I would fall asleep on the couch sometimes. Yup, it sucked. But, it’s over now. In Week 2, I had more energy, don’t crave sugar or sweet junk food, get full quicker, and can go without food for as long as a day if need be.

By now, some of you are going, “She’s lost her mind. Surely, she’s starving herself, that mad woman.”

I do talk to my parents often. Since they’re both doctors, I’m sure they’d freak out if I was doing anything they deemed to be dangerous. As a matter of fact, my mum said she’ll be jumping on the bandwagon in the near future to shed some pounds. So yeah, this is a fun experiment, and I’m glad I started it.

Have you had any success in your diets? Write me an email, so we can chat about it!


Lots of love,


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