Overexposed Review

So, I got my first review of Overexposed – a Romance that I am attempting – and I’m over the moon.

By the way, if you are a Wattpad user and are in need of an honest review, check out @beautifully-mixed. She’s honest, straight to the point, and loves reading.

At the time when I asked it, she had over 80 reviews queued up, so I didn’t expect her to get to it in a week’s time. And, as I was sitting there, in the car, about to do some shopping at Tesco (it’s a choco binge day), I got my review.

First thoughts? I grinned from ear to ear, which is why I am posting this just to share my happiness.

Beautifully-Mixed or Abby is a great person. She’s easy to get along with and a great poet. Her poetry brought a lot of people on Wattpad to tears. Many tend to follow her because of her reading requests though. As I have pointed it out above, she is pretty efficient.

Instead of drawing it out further, here’s her review of my “Overexposed” first two chapters:

Abby's review of OE
If you feel like you have no idea about your story-line or writing, give Abby a go. Fill out her form and, as long as you can bear it, you’ll get the non-sugarcoated response.

Abby's review book.png

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