Life Update

Now that it has been a month since I gave birth to my second son, Elias William, I can say I am a proud Mum of two little terrors. It has been a draining time with lack of sleep and a LOT of changes to my day-to-day life. I completely forgot just how many washing machine loads a baby goes through in their first months. There is simply never enough bibs or muslins to contain all the fluids they expel HAHA.

Seems like my kids are quite alike in regard to how they behave as babies (mostly quiet and like to be swaddled). Sometimes, I wonder if I have twins with a 2.5 years gap between them. Aside from the tough times that come with a new kid, my husband and I are thankful the baby is healthy and growing well.

Regarding writing, I have to say, I did try to complete THE CURSED PRINCESS on Radish yet simply couldn’t. The last month of pregnancy had been a bit difficult. I think I slept as much as my toddler and could barely get my work done outside of writing.

Currently, RUSSIAN ROULETTE is being translated into Italian. It was also listed as a book of the month in Best Fantasy on ManyBooks website in October (which I completely missed because the email went to my junk folder). I even got a little cute badge for it 😀

I miss my characters in the Helena Hawthorn as well as the new Hellion Empire series. Hopefully, in the coming months, things will get better, and I will be better at adapting to the new lifestyle.

Thanks for my readers’ patience and support.

Lots of love,


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